Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fun With Gouache

These paintings are 5x7", painted with gouache (an opaque watercolor). Unlike regular watercolor, you can go back in and rework the image to a degree. The colors are bright and jewel-like and I'm also enjoying the easy cleanup with water!


A.Decker said...

These are great. That leaning floral with the triangle of light is brilliant.
Gouache is intriguing anyway, and now you're making me want to try it. ;-)

Leslie Sealey said...

So glad you liked the tulip painting; I think that's my favorite. Gouache is a lot of fun because there's no setup time, no solvents and brush cleaning is as easy as rinsing with water. The main thing is that you can paint over areas (like oils) because of the opacity. Much easier than watercolor, imo.