Sunday, July 06, 2008

Silverpoint Hippo

This is a small silverpoint drawing, about 5x7". The image is created by gradually building up tones as you make small cross-hatching strokes with a silver rod about the same diameter as a pencil lead. Over time, the image tarnishes and takes on a subtle patina; this is the beauty of silverpoint. This is my first attempt using silverpoint, and I loved it. Although these drawings take a long time to do, they have a delicate, etherial quality not seen in other mediums.


goodnevilguy said...

If you enjoy silverpoint, you would probably like scratchboard as well. Are you familiar with the latter? A great deal of beautiful wildlife pieces have been done with the scratchboard and then painted once the etching is complete.

Leslie Sealey said...

I haven't tried scratchboard yet, but I've seen examples of painted pieces like you're talking about. They can be really beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog!