Thursday, April 26, 2007

Spoon and Circles

I thought I'd go in a more experimental direction for this one. The combination of realism and abstraction seems to be working well, and I find painting on metal much easier than canvas for some reason. Whatever works!


David Bogart said...

this is gorgeous leslie!

Scott Altmann said...

that's my favorite one out of all these. It's fun , full of personality and there's not a bit of snobbishness about it. I just made that word up for you...snobbishness.
Great job :)

Leslie Sealey said...

David, thanks! I was in a mood for more color-something fun.

Leslie Sealey said...

Scott, I think that really is a word, and I'm glad you don't associate it with my art!
I want people to enjoy my paintings; if it brings a smile then I've done my job. O.K., if it brings a smile along with a purchase, that's even better.
;- )