Saturday, December 02, 2006

RED Show at Wally Workman Gallery, Austin

Here is a look at Saturday's show in Austin. This was a holiday group show featuring all the gallery artists. I ended up exhibiting three paintings, and by a stroke of luck I got a prime downstairs location right next to the food and wine. Yay!

First, the Sealey corner (sculpture by Unknown).

The gallery was packed the entire night; it was a great turnout.

Yours truly in front of her paintings. : )


Scott Altmann said...

Great! Your pieces look really cool next to each other.Love the large piece- another example of how you break it down to large geometric shapes.

Leslie Sealey said...
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Leslie Sealey said...

I had some typos in the previous comment...

Hi Scott!
I was mighty pleased with the setup. The location was perfect, there was excellent lighting and I agree, the paintings fit nicely together as a group. Today is "pajama day" and I am tired! Well, maybe not too tired, as I'm already entertaining thoughts of pulling out my plein air easel...
; - )
Thanks for your comments!

william wray said...

Hve you posted that train painting before? It looks pretty cool.

Leslie Sealey said...

Hi Bill,
That one is called "Crossing Downtown" and it's on my website. I did that one before I started my blog. Glad you like it; it was one of those bold and decisive ones that looks a lot harder than it was. I wish they were all like that!

René said...

So that's how you look like.

Looks like a great show.
Good spot indeed, together with that sculpture. I can see why you're
so pleased.

Lucky you. ;-)